Why public debate?

Seven out of ten Swedes, 70 percent, want businesses to participate more in public debate. This is according to a Sifo survey commissioned by Westander. But why is it important for a business to participate in public debate?

We often point out seven reasons that combine business benefit with social benefit.

Business benefit

1. Brand building

Taking part in public debate is the ultimate way to build a brand. It is more credible than paid advertising, while also being more cost-effective and creating more trust. Taking a position externally also encourages taking responsibility internally and minimises the risk of crises of confidence.

2. Stronger corporate culture

A business that participates in public debate is forced to reflect on how its operations make a positive contribution to social development. This strengthens its corporate culture. As employees, we experience a sense of involvement and pride when we feel that we are part of something bigger than ourselves.

3. Deeper customer relationships

Dedicated and proud employees create greater customer benefit and deeper customer relationships. Customers are willing to pay more to businesses that combine a high level of quality with a stated ambition of contributing to positive social development.

4. New business opportunities

By taking part in public debate, your business can gain new perspectives, increase its competence and make valuable external contacts. Major social challenges, such as climate change and integration, also bring new business opportunities.

5. More attractive employer

Many people see a business that clearly demonstrates its social commitment by taking part in public debate as a more sympathetic employer. This makes it easier to recruit the right people and to retain employees for longer.

Social benefit

6. Better basis for political decision-making

Politicians like it when a business takes a position on social issues that are clearly linked to its own operations. The business can use its expertise to contribute information, offer additional perspectives and create a better basis for political decision-making.

7. Greater social commitment

Businesses are made up of people, and when they participate in the debate they cannot help but become committed. Socially engaged people take a long-term approach, gain knowledge and see business opportunities that also help to solve social problems.